Saturday, July 7, 2012

How can I be to busy to craft???

Hi Everyone.  I had a such a busy week.  Park Tuesday, shopping Wednesday, park again thursday followed by more shopping (gotta love the toy sales on during school holidays) then the Movies to see Brave.  Friday a Specialist appointment for Kaity and a visit to my Aunty Shirley's to pick up Bree from a sleep over, then to the D'Ag pub for Scout meat raffles (we were selling) Then today, down to Chermside to pick up something for my very pregnant sister and then stopped off at Alma Park Zoo on the way home to fill in the rest of the day.  Tomorrow I am just staying at home, doing housework and hopefully some crafting will finally get done.   Kids are Back to school on Monday so I am hoping life will get back to normal very soon, LOL.  Will have some Zoo pics up soon but my card reader isnt working at the moment.  Catch you all in a bit.  Happy crafting

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